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Lovingly referred to as “summer on a stick,” paletas are a specialty of ours. Lucky for you, we like them enough to serve them all year long!

Here at Paleteria San Luis in East Joliet, we’ve been making fresh, sweet-toothed magic since 2013.

To get a true idea of all the sweetness we have in store, you’ll need to drop by the shop here at 510 Collins St. In the meantime, feast your eyes on a few of the treats we have up our sleeve.


Have you ever heard someone describe paletas by saying they’re “just like popsicles?” Well, it’s not like us to be argumentative, but here at Paleteria San Luis, we like to think we put an end to that misconception some time ago, at least for folks here in Will and Kendall County.

Nothing against popsicles, of course—it’s just that paletas are not mass-produced with artificial coloring and artificial flavoring. Paletas contain real fruit juice and chunks of real fruit, making for a world of difference in taste. Simply put, paletas have freshness where popsicles have sugar. No wonder their popularity has risen so steadily in recent years—they’re a delicious frozen treat and the possibilities are endless when it comes to flavor.

Here at Paleteria San Luis, we’re determined to do justice to the delicious tradition of paletas.

¡We look forward to showing you the difference!

¡For All Around Flavor!
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